Chelsea Embankment

We were asked to carry out an external renovation project on a town house on the Chelsea embankment opposite Chelsea bridge. This was the entire external of the building including the roof. The project took about 8 weeks from beginning to end with the use of a conveyor belt system to get the tiles to the roof.

The old roof tiles we carefully removed, taken down and disposed of. The new tiles were put on with all new lead flashing fitted and the flat roof areas cleaned up and mineral felt applied. There were 52 sash windows back and front that all needed attention so we had scaffold set up in front of the building as well as the rear of the building. We cleaned and sanded the windows all down, used 2 part wood filler where necessary and made good. All sash string and weights were replaced making the windows almost new. They were then primered and coated in 2 coats of external gloss. New putty applied where required and all window sills repaired and renewed.

A major part of the project was serving the heating system which was a 80KW commercial boiler in the basement of the building supplying all flats with hot water and heating. This boiler was serviced and the hot water storage drained, de scaled and re filled. Another major part of the project was the pointing of all the brick work which has been standing for over 80yrs. You can imagine the wear on this was tremendous and all the bricks and mortar had to be grinded back to a new clean finish. we used a special mortar mix to achieve the finest pointing to give it a modern look while still retaining its original format and colours.

Finally the wrought iron gate along the front of the building and small wall with masonry tops were all prepared and fillered where required and painted. The iron was cleaned and primmered and then 2 coats of hammerite black gloss paint applied. the masonry was coated in a special solution to allow the paint to stick as previous contractors never got this right and the paint would always peel, to date the paint is still good.